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Our Vision

Working in the field of disability for more than 30 years, we know that divyangjan struggle at every stage of life. Especially marriage is a very sensitive subject. Finding compatible partner is very challenging. Our vision is to use technology to break the barriers. With use of technology backed by years of experience in the field of disability , we want to be backbone of special population and provide support.

Our Happy Couples

- It feels extremely happy to find a compatible partner with whom communication happens without barriers. Now we have such an innovative platform to support us. I sincerely thank Team specialsathi and wish them for global success.

Mr .Rohit Patil
Mrs. Aishwarya Patil

Our Team

Mrs. Shilpa Huzurbazar


-For many years , patients used to come to us for help related to marriage. We could see their struggle and always wanted to help them . With this mission we will definitely reach the needy and support.

Mr. Yash Huzurbazar

Innovation Head

-I always love to solve problems with ideas which can make a significant impact on society. We are definite with our mission and looking forward to expanding to India and global level.

Mr. Neel Huzurbazar

Technical Head

-I wanted to work on something new and I believe that technology has the power to change the lives of millions. There is a lot to learn in technology. My approach was to make it as easy as possible so that we can penetrate at grass root level. There are many developments yet to come in the near future.

Mr. Deep Huzurbazar

Finance Head

- Social entrepreneurship is a relatively new term and there is tremendous scope. At present, with our own finance we have managed to launch phase 1 of this project. I hope that our work will be noticed by great philanthropists in society to take this venture to the next level.